Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Isn't Everything Technology?

Isn't everything technology?  The common stereotype (or archetype) placed on actors in movies, television shows, games, etc. of the man/woman who resents technology - you know, the old guy?  Yeah, well, I think there is flaw with these people's logic.  I mean, is a wooden table or writing or language not a technology?  How can one resent technology that they have used their entire life?  I believe the real problem lies with their fear/avoidance of change.  Write in if you have another opinion, agree, or just think I'm out of my mind.


The old guy symbolizes resistance to change, in general. Technology, at least the rapid change of technology, is a form of change; therefore, the old guy resents the technological advancements. He is nothing more than a symbol of "the old stubborn person stuck in his ways"--a Hollywood way to mock people with subtlety. Regardless, there are reasons to be wary of technology. Would you be capable of surviving today, right now, if all internet access was cut off (http://www.prisonplanet.com/obama-can-shut-down-internet-for-4-months-under-new-emergency-powers.html)? You probably would not be able to. Similarly, if all pencils were gone tomorrow, what would you do? The reliance on technology is what the "old man" is generally against. People cannot live without their technology and it is a very frightening realization.

- Ashley

If we assume that we cannot live without technology, we must look at life without it, and that's another great, and very frightening realization.  Therefore, man would not make technological advancement unless the cost was less than that of the profit reaped.  Risk is necessary for society - another topic that needs to be addressed on another post.


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